Dungeons and Dragons Classes Bottle Openers

Laser engraved stainless steel bottle openers

Rectangular in shape measures 8.5 x 5.5


Are you a fearsome warrior or maybe a humble bard? Check out our 15 classes below!

15 designs to choose from
1. Artificer
2. Barbarian
3. Bard
4. Cleric
5. Druid
6. Dungeon Master
7. Fighter
8. Game Master
9. Monk
10. Paladin
11. Ranger
12. Rogue
13. Sorcerer
14. Warlock
15. Wizard

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Material: Stainless steel
Colour: Black
Width: 5.5cm
Depth: 8.5cm
Height/Thickness: 1mm
Weight: 48g


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